Updating production lines in realization of the new year’s slogan “Production: knowledge-based and job-creating”

In line with materialization of the Iranian new year’s (starting as of 21 March) slogan “Production: knowledge-based and job-creating”, MPO’s subsidiary companies will upgrade their production lines, said MPO’s managing director

According to the report issued by MPO’s public relations and international affairs unit, MPO’s managing director said ” the current year which is named “Production: knowledge-based and job-creating” by the Iranian Supreme Leader, highlights the importance of  job creation and knowledge-based production. He added that: This slogan is also considered as the roadmap for production as well as job creation in the country.

He went on and said: In line with implementing the year’s slogan “Production: knowledge-based and job-creating”, and in conformity with IRCS’ main values, Medical Procurement Organization strives to focus more on knowledge-based production along with the products which have already been manufactured in its subsidiary companies. MPO will also prioritize those activities which lead to job creation and good-quality production.

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