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Expanding the portfolio of pharmaceutical products in the continuation of research and development

Dr. Askari announced the production of new drug in SOHA Pharmaceutical Company.

According to the report of Public Relations and International Affairs of the Medical Procurement Organization; Dr. Askari announced the expansion of the product portfolio of SOHA Pharmaceutical Company, which is affiliated with this organization.

Also, he added: “SOHA Pharmaceutical Company has taken important measures in continuing the research and development of the pharmaceutical industry and expanding its product portfolio, including Dapoxetine (Tab) in two doses of 30 and 60 mg and aspirin enteric-coated tablets.” This tablet contains aspirin (81 mg), which causes analgesic, inflammatory, fever and anticoagulant effects.

The CEO of the Medical Procurement Organization stated that the observance of international standards and pharmaceutical requirements (GMP), creating a suitable platform for the production of strategic drug, maintaining quality and diversification of products are the positive features of SOHA Pharmaceutical Company; Accelerating the process to produce is on the company’s program.

At the end, he added: SOHA Pharmaceutical Company considers its mission, producing and supplying human pharmaceutical products, also by having technical equipment is able to develop its production activities regarding the production of various human drug in tablet and capsule dosage forms.

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