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Continuation of production of tablets, capsules, syrups and suspensions in the Red Crescent Society

Production of tablets, capsules, syrups and suspensions in different doses continues in SOHA Pharmaceutical Company

According to the report of Public Relations and International Affairs of the Medical Procurement Organization; In November of this year, 17 million drug, including more than 13 different dosage forms, including tablets, capsules, syrups and suspensions, have been produced by SOHA Pharmaceutical Company.

During the mentioned period, six samples were made in order to test the new source and analyzing and optimizing the new formulation of two sustained release tablets has finished.  

The company currently manufactures in many categories such as: renal, gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, hormonal, anti-inflammatory, antibiotics, anti-diabetes, analgesic, anti-epileptic, anti-fungal, anti-nausea, anti-malarial, cholesterol-lowering, enzyme inhibitor, antihistamines and anti-neoplastic in accordance with the latest standards of the World Health Organization.

The company’s strategic products include the hormonal drug “Finasteride” in two doses (1 mg and 5 mg) also Acifen, which is used to treat mild to moderate pains, and Magni Milk (oral antacid suspension).

 Adherence to international standards and pharmaceutical requirements (GMP), creating a suitable platform for the production of strategic drugs, maintaining quality and diversification of products are the positive features of SOHA Pharmaceutical Company.

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