Unprecedented increase of 20 billion Tomans in the delivery and sale of various drug in November 1400

According to the public relations of SOHA Pharmaceutical Company affiliated to the Red Crescent Medical Procurement Organization, Dr. Hossein Attar, CEO and member of the board of directors announced an unprecedented increase in sales in November 1400, he added: Despite many problems in preparing and supplying Raw materials for production lines were available at both Chaharbagh and Shahid Faghihi sites, but we faced an increase in production productivity, so that in November of this year, the company’s sales of more than 20 billion products.

The CEO of SOHA Pharmaceutical Company also pointed to the efforts to improve the quality of products and drug production processes with the motto SOHA, the health for all human beings and announced: “Considering obtaining GMP certification in this company, we will see further improvement and strengthening.” We have made it our priority to expand our field of activity to the people to reduce the pain of the suffering.

He also added: very constructive and favorable interaction of this company with drug distribution companies, including SOHA HELAL distribution company, which has improved the production and sales process of SOHA company and pointed out that production based on market needs is one of the programs.  And It is important for this company, he noted: At any stage, we are fully prepared to produce the drug needed by the country at critical times to eliminate the shortcomings.

Finally, he prescribed SOHA production categories such as renal, gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, hormonal, anti-inflammatory drug, antibiotics, anti-diabetic, analgesic, anti-epileptic, anti-fungal, anti-nausea, anti-malarial, anti-cholesterol, Enzyme inhibitors, , antihistamines and anti-neoplastic in accordance with the latest standards of the World Health Organization.

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